Our 2nd location is open at 278 Dalhousie Street

329 Bank Street - Centretown


Located next to Ottawa's iconic Barrymore’s Music Hall, discover the original Burgers n’ Fries Forever at 329 Bank Street in the heart of Centretown. Continuing to serve up burgers n’ fries that’ll cause your Instagram feed to blow up the way only BFF can make it, we pride ourselves on serving awesome food to awesome people.

 Our original Centretown location boasts several burgers n’ fries that you won’t find elsewhere. Be sure to feast your eyes upon our Bank Street menu, featuring the BFF classics you've known to love, a vegan falafel patty, a grilled chicken burger, and loads more!



Our 329 Bank Street location in Centretown is just steps away from the Canadian Museum of Nature, making for a great lunch stop during a day of educational discoveries or just staring at how awesome nature is! We’re also conveniently located a short distance south of Parliament Hill and the ByWard Market, allowing for easy access to Ottawa’s most charming destinations. Find us between MacLaren and Gilmour Street, right in the heart of Bank Street’s bustling shopping and entertainment scene!

 We’ve got an army of burgers n’ fries only available at our 329 Bank Street location. In need of an ab workout? Order our triple-patty, curry-tinged Do You Even Lift? burger, which will surely cause your abdominal muscles to work overtime digesting that massive thang. If you’re seeking something filling with a dash of nostalgia, look no further than our Baked Potato Fries, featuring cheddar cheese, sour cream, green onions, and beef bacon alongside hand-cut fries.

 Alongside these Bank Street-specific delights, we offer the BFF classics loved by so many. The Original is one of the legit BFF classics, featuring our signature BFF sauce. The Melt is a burger that embodies that “it ain’t easy, getting cheesy” lifestyle, and another popular burger found at both of our locations. Our Sweet Poutine is a twist on the classic with sweet potato fries, and to wash it all down, be sure to pair it with one of our handspun Milkshakes.



BFF also prides itself on providing specialized catering for orders over $100, burger delivery to those in the middle of a busy schedule or Netflix binge, and plenty of purchasable swag options (including some cool snapback caps and snarky T-shirts). Go ahead and indulge! We won’t tell.

We here at BFF would love to have you over at our place for a bite to eat and good company. Whether it’s for your next gathering with co-workers, the latest retro gaming session with those lovable neighbours, a blockbuster-worthy pre-show dinner with a group of film fanatics, or even yet another first date, we welcome you with open arms and plenty of napkins. 

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