Thursdays and Sundays now open until 10pm


Screw the mystery. Burgers n' fries don't need hiding.


For decades, fries have been the Robin to Batman. But we're all about equality. That's why we hand-cut our fries, double fry 'em, and come up with a ton of crazy combinations. It's our goal to give you the best burgers AND fries, out of respect for you, our BFFs.

We rotate our burgers in accordance with each season. We do this to keep things fun, creative, and sustainable. We want to highlight the use of seasonal ingredients that are grown closer to home with more sustainable practices.

Each week, we hand prepare over:

  • 400+ pounds of local fresh grass-fed halal beef
  • 2000+ pounds of PEI russet potatoes (hand-cut, and double-fried)
  • 100+ litres of small batch house-made sauces
  • 20+ different types of whole produce and cheeses

We smash that - our patties, that is.

  1. Frozen patties suck! We hand roll 1/4 lb fresh meat into our hand-formed meatballs.
  2. Butter is used to cook the meatballs.
  3. Our meatballs are 'smashed' into a patty to form a nice crust (via the Maillard Reaction). Smashing increases the surface area of our meat that makes contact with the griddle, as opposed to a preformed patty.
  4. Our meat forms a thick & crunchy crust that traps rendered fat from escaping and cooks in the patty, keeping it juicy.
  5. It's then flipped only once to ensure that no juices are squeezed out. And voila - you bite into a juicy, fresh, beef patty!

Double-fried, please!

  1. We hand-cut our russet potatoes and soak them in cold water, which washes out the starch.
  2. Our fries are then fried at a low temperature to soften the interior (this is where washing the starch out helps).
  3. They are then left to rest, so that the oil really softens the inside and the fries cool down.
  4. We then fry them a second time (made-to-order) at a higher temperature which helps caramelize the outside and it makes them nice n' crispy.
  5. The fries are then salted and served to you fresh, every time! Remember, we don't support the use of heat lamps!


We're a truly Canadian burgers n' fries joint. We want to be your BFF, no matter where you're from, or what you believe in.

We take care of all of our homies by serving halal beef—including beef bacon—as well veggie gravy, gluten-free buns, and veggie and vegan patties. If you're lazy AF to get off your couch and feed yourself, just open up your UberEats app and get delivery straight to your door.


We challenge our burgerologists to come up with new and exciting creations each and month.

We believe that burgers n' fries have no limits. Our burgerologists contribute by creating our monthly burger n' fries special and by adding new exciting choices to our signature menu.