Our 2nd location is open at 278 Dalhousie Street


We know that everyday life can get in the way of your favourite burgers n’ fries. The struggle is all too real. Responsibilities, the weather, family “events,” exam cramming and Netflix binges (both at once, obviously), and work life can limit your free time. No hard feelings if you can’t make it over to our awesome locations at 329 Bank Street and 278 Dalhousie Street — in fact, we have a clever way to bring the gourmet burgers n’ fries you love straight to your door.

So, why not let BFF be your BFF (try saying that ten times quickly) thanks to our delivery options? Regardless of whether you’re busy, sleepy, or just plain lazy, we've got you covered! Thanks to our friends at Uber Eats, you can easily chow down on our menu of delicious, crazy, and foodporn worthy delights, including succulent BFF sauce-smothered burgers, crispy fries, and location-specific experiments that will fill your stomach and blow your mind. Our locations at 329 Bank Street and 278 Dalhousie Street each offer a dazzling array of distinguished and decidedly delightful dishes dripping with deliciousness. Partnering with a youthful and modern company such as Uber Eats allows us to bring these creations to you, our valued and awesome customer, without imposing upon your busy schedule (possibly or possibly not involving online gaming sessions or multiple naps).

The process is easy as falling in love with our awesome dishes and sauces — simply sign in or register, and then select the incredible menu items you’re keen on inviting to the latest party. With the reliable, quick and friendly service of Uber Eats combined with the diversity and sheer awesomeness of our specialty gourmet burgers n’ fries, you’ll have hot, fresh, and delicious food delivered to your door without any regrets — well, except perhaps that you didn’t order seconds. We get that a lot.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring on your biggest appetite! Whether hungry or hangry, anti-social, or anti-pants, we and Uber Eats will provide the gastronomic cure for what ails you.