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Secret Menu

Shhhh...It's a secret. A delicious secret.

(Currently not available at 278 Dalhousie)

Since you’re one of us, we’ll let you in on a little secret. Here are some even more crazy options for you to order at BFF. These won't be advertised on our official menu or in the restaurant, so memorize these items if you know what's good for ya. Keep checking this page for some top-secret inventions to add to your repertoire and show off your burgerology knowledge. 

The Hangover
Beef patty, fried egg, cheddar cheese, onion ring, beef bacon, and ketchup. For those days when...UGH

The Wingman 
Chicken burger, deep fried jalapenos, samurai mayo, and onion ring. Because everyone needs a solid wingman. 

The Netflix and chill 
Hot dog, chipotle mayo, and deep fried jalapenos. What else were we goin to do. 

The Sidechick 
Beef patty + chicken breast + pesto mayo, lettuce, and tomato. Don't get caught red-handed!

The Lit Poutine
Handcut fries, gravy, fresh jalapenos, bacon bits, and 3 cheese blend. Was poutine ever not lit?

The NSFH (Not Safe For Health) 
4 all beef patties, cheddar x2, swiss, mozza, bacon, and BFF sauce. Seriously, BE CAREFUL! 

The Quebecois 
St. Albert's cheese curds, handcut fries, and gravy piled on top of a beef patty. Yup, you got that right - poutine on a burger.  

The Bacon Poutine 
St. Albert's cheese curds, handcut fries, and gravy piled on our classic poutine with all that beef bacon goodness. 

Sweet Poutine
Sweet potato fries, St. Albert's cheese curds, and veggie gravy.