Our 2nd location is open at 278 Dalhousie Street


All orders must be a minimum of $100. We require 48 hours notice and payment in advance. 

Really want to make a splash at your next pool party? Or, are you eager to gain some perk points from impressing at your corporate conference, bachelor party, or community event? Well, look no further than Burgers n’ Fries Forever, for we are more than ready to accept catering orders that are sure to make jaws drop and mouths water!

We specialize in gourmet burgers n’ fries, and that’s exactly what our customers expect! As a result, we’re able to offer a wide array of gastronomic catering options fit for any social gathering. Poutine platters are readily available for those seeking as thoroughly Canadian and delicious of a group meal as possible. We also offer generous platters of our popular elegant or hand-cut fries, which are sure to vanish in the blink of an eye due to their tempting deliciousness (sorry, not sorry). Various salad platters are also available to those seeking more than our signature fare of gourmet burgers n’ fries, and we can easily provide platters of garden, Caesar, or Caesar and beef bacon salads that are fresh, crisp, and rich in flavour and awesomeness.

Finally, being masters in the comprehensive art of burgerology, we are fully prepared to provide your catered group with ten of our Original Burgers that are anything but ordinary, complete with a succulent and juicy beef patty topped with crispy lettuce, fresh tomato slices, onions and our signature BFF sauce. Each serving of ten of our gourmet burgers can be provided for $69.50 — an awesome price, considering the meticulously high level of quality and deliciousness we will be sure to provide you. Scrumptiousness with no regrets.

Additional toppings for our catered items are readily available at an extra charge, which will allow you to further enhance the sheer awesomeness of the group meal you’ve entrusted us with. Just for the record, all orders must be a minimum of $100, and we require 48 hours notice and payment in advance to ensure you get the gourmet deliciousness you and your lucky guests deserve when choosing Burgers n’ Fries Forever as your catering BFF. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today with your catering request, and let’s get this gastronomic party started!

Our Catering Menu

Original Burgers - 69.50

Ten of our juicy beef patty topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and BFF sauce.

Platter Hand-Cut Fries - 16

Platter Elegant Fries - 24

Platter Poutine - 34

Platter Salads
Garden Salad - 26
Caesar Salad - 28
Caesar Salad with beef bacon - 35

Additional toppings available at extra charge.