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What food items are halal?
Everything in our restaurant is halal, starting from our beef patties to our beef bacon. Our chicken is halal and so are our hot dogs. All our meat is certified from IFANCC (Islamic Food And Nutrition Council of Canada).

Why halal?
We believe in equality for burgers n' fries - but also for people. We are so thankful for the multicultural community that we've grown up in. We want burgers to be available to everyone, no matter where you come from or what you believe in. 

Do you have gluten free options?
Yes, our vegan falafel patties are gluten free. We also carry locally baked buns from Pete's:

Are your handcut fries gluten free?
Although our fries are technically gluten free since they are pure russet potatoes with no additives, but we do fry them in the same deep fryer as our onion rings which contain gluten. Due to cross-contamination, we can't advertise our fries as gluten free.

What are your vegan/vegetarian options?
Our vegan falafel patties at our Bank Street location are made in-house and grilled on a separate grill from all other meats. At Dalhousie, we offer a vegetarian patty made of mushrooms, broccoli, and black beans. We also have vegan multigrain buns which are made without eggs. We carry a lettuce wrap option for those watching their carbs. Our gravy is also vegetarian.

Does your gravy contain meat?
Nope, it's veggie yo!

Your bacon is halal?
YES IT IS! We carry halal beef bacon. It's super tasty and actually is a lot healthier than pork bacon.

What seasoning is on your beef patties?
Our patties ARE NOT pre-seasoned. We simply sprinkle kosher salt and black pepper when cooking.

What temperature do you cook your meat to?
We cook our beef to an internal temperature of 160 degrees and our chicken to 170 degrees.

What kind of oil are our fries cooked in?
Our fries are cooked in vegetarian oil.