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3 Myths About Burgers That You Need to Stop Believing

Written By Radha Mathur 28 Oct 2022
3 Myths About Burgers That You Need to Stop Believing

Burger myths are about as common as mediocre burgers. That is to say, way too common. They're often rules about the right way to enjoy your burger, and you know we're not about telling you what to do. Naturally, we think it's our responsibility to bust up these myths and set the record straight so you can order your most-craved sandwich without hesitation. After all, what're BFFS for?

Don't Believe These Burger Myths

1. Burgers are unhealthy

While it's true that cheeseburgers can be high in calories and fat, that doesn't mean they're always unhealthy. IOO (in our opinion), burgers get more shade than they deserve.

Fresh, lean beef is a good source of vitamins and minerals like vitamin B12 and zinc. Vitamin B12 is important for blood formation and zinc is important for body growth and maintenance. It's also a good source of high-quality protein needed to build muscle. In other words, if you're tryna get swole, stop by and get a bite of (halal) beef after you hit the gym.

For a healthier burger, avoid high-fat toppings like mayo or bacon or just get a lettuce bun. Or keep 'em on cuz they're delicious, and a decadent burger is a spiritual experience. 

2. Medium-rare is the best way to eat a burger

Some people like their burgers well-done, while others prefer them rare or medium-rare. It all comes down to how you like your burgers cooked. Don't listen to the food snobs, there is no right way. Butttt, the moisture in beef comes from water (usually around 70%) and a mix of muscle and fat. If you cook the beef for a real long time, these ingredients are released so the burger might end up being unappealingly dry.

On the other hand, if you like your cheeseburger really rare and are worried about food safety, remember that the U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends cooking ground beef to an internal temperature of 160°F.

3. Bigger= better

You order a burger that turns out to be bigger than your head. Instead of digging in and enjoying it, you spend a lot of time figuring out how to take a bite that'll give you a taste of all the ingredients and won't make a complete mess of your face process. Maybe, once you finally bite in it's delicious. More likely, it's an unbalanced sandwich with meat dominating all the other flavors.

Yes, we believe good cheeseburgers come in all shapes and sizes. But, our preference? Smash burgers. As the name suggests, the patty for this burger is loosely packed ground beef that we smash flat on an extremely hot griddle. While the patty cooks, the fat has nowhere to go but back into the burger, so it stews in its juices. Plus, the combo of heat and pressure makes it sear super fast, preventing overcooking and creating a crispy finish. Smash burgers are light but full of flavor and go well with your go-to toppings. 

Now that you're freed from these myths, get out there and eat your favorite comfort foods however you like 'em best. Like your burger well done? Like extra mayo and extra bacon? No one's judging you. Enjoy your sandwich to the fullest (and feel the fullest too).

Eat Delicious Smash Burgers at BFF

BFF isn’t your typical burger n’ fries joint. Our food helps to remove barriers and unite people from different backgrounds over memorable and nostalgic flavors. With quality ingredients and creative combos, we aim to be your (tastebuds’) BFF. Stop by one of our locations in Ottawa or Toronto. 

Order takeout or delivery directly through our website, and tag us in pics of your fave BFF foods @burgersnfriesforever.